OMG and The Open Group working together to exploit synergies between TOGAF ADM and MDA
The Open Group and OMG™ detailed the synergies between The Open Group’s TOGAF ADM and OMG’s MDA® in a white paper highlighting the benefits of using both methods to develop an architecture using the TOGAF ADM and then implementing that architecture using MDA. Members of both organizations plan to discuss how these synergies can be further exploited during an upcoming OMG meeting in Washington, D.C., November 1-5, 2004. Read more

IEEE and The Open Group okay ‘FreeBSD Project’ to incorporate material from the POSIX® Standard
The IEEE and The Open Group have granted permission to the FreeBSD Project to incorporate material from the joint IEEE 1003.1™ POSIX® standard and The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6. This step will allow developers of the FreeBSD Platform to gain a better understanding of how to write portable programs utilizing IEEE 1003.1, “Standard for Information Technology: Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX)”.

The Open Group’s latest newsletter
This month our newsletter features a contribution by Carl Bunje of Boeing who is also the Chair of The Open Group’s Customer Council, on business agility and the role of IT standards framework, a preview of the July Boston conference, an update on the Governing Board elections, and information on upcoming events, product releases and updates.

Spotlight on recent publications: Mobile and Directory Architecture Technical Study
The Open Group's Mobile and Directory Architecture Technical Study is now available from our online bookstore. The study presents an architecture for use by service providers and enterprises to support mobile computing. The architecture is based on the use of directory technology to make information about users and the network available to applications, management systems, and intelligent network components. Download the study

The Open Group’s Graham Bird on setting up consortia and alliance networks 
Graham Bird, The Open Group's Vice President of Marketing, will discuss Setting up Consortia and Alliance Networks: Best Practices, Tricks and Traps at A.S.A.P. Marketing and Channel Alliance Conference in Dallas, Texas, June 21-22, 2004. Bird will address some of the best approaches and practices, learned over eighteen years of providing services to a number of major consortia.

The Open Group Spam Survey
Unsolicited email, spam, has become a major impediment to the effectiveness of electronic mail. The Messaging Forum is focused on the impact of spam on the enterprise. Help define the problem by participating in The Open Group Spam Survey. This web-based survey should only take a few minutes of your time and will help define the business problem. The results will be presented at The Open Group's July conference in Boston.

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