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Archived 6 November 2003

Papers: Architectures for Boundaryless Information Flow
The Open Group has solicited papers covering Architectures for Boundaryless Information Flow, which describe technical architectures and architectural approaches that address one or more of six models of Boundaryless Information Flow. The papers will be published this week as part of the proceedings of The Open Group's conference Boundaryless Information Flow & Enterprise Architecture in Washington, DC.

Archived 6 November 2003

IEEE and The Open Group to Extend POSIX® Certification to the Latest POSIX® Standard
The Open Group and The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE-SA) will offer a program to certify products to the 2003 edition of IEEE 1003.1™2001. Under the new program, suppliers will substantiate claims of conformance to POSIX based on defined test suites so buyers gain assurance that products they specify and procure meet the standard and are warranted by the vendor to do so.

Archived 6 November 2003

Who owns UNIX® ?
You may have seen recent press articles announcing that SCO is the owner of UNIX or has licensed UNIX to Microsoft. Such statements are inaccurate, misleading and cause considerable confusion. The Open Group has owned the registered trademark UNIX since 1994. Here is what we said in response to a Linux Weekly News article. Also available is a backgrounder that explains the history and reasons why The Open Group takes action on trademark misuse.

Archived 4 November 2003

The Open Group President and CEO speaks at the A.S.A.P. Alliance Summit 2003
Go here and click on "Summit" There is a discount for our members!

Archived 27 October 2003

This week in Washington DC
Boundaryless Information Flow & Enterprise Architecture

Archived 22 September 2003

Draft Open Source strategy document available for comment
A draft of The Open Group's Open Source strategy, authored by Bruce Perens, is now available. Comments and suggestions are requested; download the document here.

Archived 22 September 2003

Open Standards - Open Source
This meeting looked at the business, legal, technical, and social and ethical issues of Open Source. The verbatim proceedings are now available. For your pdf copy, emailed to you, please complete the request here.

Archived:12 August 2003

The Open Group newsletter online
The July issue of our newsletter is now available here.

Archived:11 August 2003

The Open Group launches compliance program for Schools Interoperability Framework
The Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) has launched its third-party compliance program, developed and managed by The Open Group. Full story

Archived: 11 August 2003

“Saving Private Data” white papers available
Two white papers on February’s Intrusion Attack and Response Workshop, “Saving Private Data”, are now available. These documents present a record of the Workshop, with a checklist for managers whose responsibilities include their company's Incident Response Plan (IRP).

Archived: 22 July 2003

Beyond Technology: The Human Challenges of the Boundaryless Organization
Internationally recognized writer Ron Ashkenas, speaker and consultant, who worked with Jack Welch on the GE Work Out program to enable GE to become a Boundaryless Organization, and is lead author of the book The Boundaryless Organization, is the guest speaker at our Monday 21 July reception in Boston, MA.

Archived: 21 July 2003

Boundaryless Information Flow: Grid Computing
Boston, July 21-25    Supported by the Global Grid Forum, the Interoperable Informatics Infrastructure Consortium, and Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, Inc.
Key speakers will include Professor Ian Foster, Associate Division Director & Senior Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, and Thomas Hawk, General Manager, Grid Computing at IBM.
Read all about it   • Register

Archived: 7 July 2003

May Newsletter
The latest edition of our member newsletter is now online.

Archived: 27 June 2003

Open Standards - Open Source
This one-and-a-half day meeting will feature key speakers who will engage the audience to advance the business, legal, technical, and social and etchical issues of Open Source.
- Request a place at this invitation-only event.

- Submit a question to the panellists.
- Request a copy of the proceedings.

Archived: 27 June 2003

Open Standards - Open Source
The Business, Legal & Technical Challenges Ahead
Minneapolis, June 24-25

Archived: 11 June 2003

Governing Board approves the UNIX 03 Product Standard
The Governing Board of The Open Group approved the UNIX 03 Product Standard at the Austin Members meeting in April. This is the first update to the UNIX Product Standard family since 1997, and a major step towards the launch of the UNIX 03 certification program due later this year. Product standard

Archived: 23 May 2003

The Open Group Gives Key Briefing on Open Source and Standards
Attendees of a major conference on Government and Open Source in Washington DC received a key briefing from The Open Group on the evolution of open standards in the Linux operating system.

Archived: 23 May 2003

Web Services and Boundaryless Information Flow
The role of Web services in achieving Boundaryless Information Flow has been headlined recently in Web Services Journal, and our Active Loss Prevention initiative's work on trust in business-to-business e-commerce has been featured in Computing magazine.

Archived: 21 February 2003

New member newsletter published
The first edition of our new member newsletter has just been published.

Archived: 7 February 2003

Conference web site
Members ... follow events as they happen at our conference on Keeping IT Secure, February 3 - 4. News, reports and presentation materials will be available throughout the conference. Go     Conference press release: 3 Feb 2003


Archived: 3 February 2003

Three new case studies
We have three new case studies featuring the Distributed Management Task Force, the Schools Interoperability Framework, and the Linux Standard Base Certification Program. 

Archived: 15 January 2003

ALPINE EC backs The Open Group’s Active Loss Prevention initiative
Investment in the 18-month ALPINE project reflects EC's recognition of The Open Group's Active Loss Prevention initiative. [More]

Archived: 15 January 2003

International approval of the joint revision to POSIX® and the Single UNIX® Specification
The joint revision forms the core of The Open Group’s Single UNIX Specification Version 3 (IEEE 1003.1-2001, POSIX.1) [More]

Archived: 15 January 2003

Survey: "Usage of Open Source"
Please take a couple of minutes to complete our online survey on "Usage of Open Source"

Archived: 20 December 2002

Boundaryless Information Flow: Keeping IT SecureBoundaryless Information Flow: Keeping IT Secure
Our February conference (right) focuses on the security aspects of boundaryless information flow, with an agenda of high profile speakers, including our invited keynote speaker, Howard Schmidt, Vice-Chair of President Bush's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board.

Archived: 22 November 2002

Top law and financial firms in US and UK team up to produce IT risk vocabulary
A project to establish a “vocabulary of IT risk” has been launched with the sponsorship of The Open Group. [More]

Archived: 22 November 2002

Boundaryless In formation Flow: The Role of Open Source"Role of Open Source" & "Wireless Data Summit"
Browse the proceedings of "Boundaryless Information Flow: The Role of Open Source", and our "Wireless Data Summit".  You can also view Webcasts of the plenary sessions. Have you completed our online survey on Usage of Open Source?

Archived: 22 November 2002

Open Cannes AwardsThe Open Cannes Awards 2002: The Winners
The Open Cannes Awards were presented during a gala evening on October 14, at our conference in Cannes.

Archived: 11 November 2002

Messaging Forum meeting in Chicago features anti-spam and unified communications
Register now for the Messaging Forum's two-day meeting in Chicago on November 7-8, which features Anti-Spam and Unified Communications. (Read the latest issue of The Message)

Archived: 15 October 2002

News of The Open Group Customer Council
Our latest Customer Council Newsletter is now online.

Archived: 8 October 2002

Members ... vote now for the Open Cannes Awards 2002
Members ... the nominations have been made. Now make use of your vote. And remember, the Open Cannes Awards will be presented on October 14th during a gala evening at our Cannes conference.

Archived: 19 September 2002

Department of Commerce recognizes Active Loss Prevention initiative
Importance of The Open Group's Active Loss Prevention initiative recognized at recent national strategy meeting of US Department of Commerce. [More]

Archived: 27 August 2002

Messaging Forum to meet in Chicago
Register now for the Messaging Forum's two-day meeting in Chicago in September, which features an Anti-Spam meeting on Tuesday 17th and a Unified Communications meeting on the 18th.

Archived: 19 August 2002

Boeing's Secure Messaging Challenge
Case study: how the Messaging Forum rose to the challenge from The Boeing Company to develop a standards-based architecture enabling exchange of encrypted email among multiple companies - each using a different email product. See also the July issue of The Message

Archived: 16 August 2002

Call for "Standard" Approach Intellectual Property Rights Takes Center Stage at The Open Group "All-User" Web Services Conference
The Role of Web ServicesTim Berners-Lee issues challenge to vendors to create royalty-free standards; Andrew Updegrove looks to The Open Group to play a central role in an IPR "Constitutional Convention" Conference proceedings documentation now available

Archived: 7 July 2002

The full story ...
Exhausted, happy and deservedly pleased with their efforts, our team members have returned to Reading, San Francisco and North Carolina.

Archived: 7 July 2002

Number of Chapters rises to 10
Founding of newest regional chapter will "engage participants from (China) at all levels of membership"

Archived: 19 June 2002

The Open Group to develop certification program for DMTF
DMTF logoThe Open Group has been chosen by Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF) to develop a certification program for the Common Information Model (CIM)

Archived: 5 June 2002

Multimedia Home Platform Test Consortium appoints The Open Group to develop conformance test suite
MHP logoThe Open Group will develop additional MHP conformance tests and extend the automated test environment on behalf of the MHP Test Consortium


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