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Allot Communication

“Allot is pleased to join the new Quality of Service Task Force. As a vendor providing Policy-based QoS and SLA management solutions, we see the work of the task force research, definitions and standardization research as extremely important to the evolution of this important area of networking.” Eric Rosser, President of Allot Communication.


" ...these flow-based management tools are the next step in managing complex and robust systems. However, to really succeed, we need standards. The industry needs to converge on one definition of flow statistics from routers (currently there are three: Cisco, Extreme and Juniper). Then we need to support the Open Group's QOS Task Force initiative on application quality and resource management standards." From "Flow-oriented management-the next level of management", 31 May 2003


 "Aurema has devoted over 10 years of research into Active Resource Management Technologies in an effort to help users achieve quality of service objectives. The charter membership in the Quality of Service Task Force is our commitment to support a collaborative effort to further improve the interoperability of existing and future QoS solutions." Kristoph Cichocki-Romanov, Global Product Manager, Aurema

BMC Software

"As a founding member of WBEM, member of The Open Group and current Director of the DMTF Board, BMC Software is happy to contribute to the progress of interoperability." Mark Sterin, director, Advanced Technologies Research, BMC Software. "The industry as a whole will reap the rewards in productivity and cost savings from open source enterprise management.

Caldera International

"As we developed our Linux systems management product, Caldera Volution, Caldera International recognized the need for an open management standard like the DMTF WBEM standard," said Darren Davis, vice president of technology strategy for Caldera's Management Software Business. "Caldera is a founder of the WBEMsource initiative and is supporting the project by contributing it's own OpenWBEM source to the Open Source community (www.openwbem.org)."

Cisco Systems

"The formation of the WBEMsource initiative is a very significant step in the development of a robust market for WBEM technologies. We believe the WBEM standards will enable a new generation of network-integrated management tools, and are implementing WBEM interfaces in our CiscoWorks2000 product family." Jim Turner, Director of Marketing, Enterprise Management Business Unit, Cisco Systems.

Compaq Computer Corp.

“Continuing its history of supporting industry standards and The Open Group, Compaq is pleased to be a founding member of the Quality of Service Task Force.” Kent Ferson, Vice President of the UNIX Systems Business Unit, Compaq Computer Corporation.

Computer Associates

"CA has consistently demonstrated a real commitment to both fostering standards that facilitate the management of heterogeneous computing environments and implementing those standards in our own management solutions. This commitment is evidenced by the fact that our Unicenter solutions support WBEM standards and that we are actively participating in the WBEMsource initiative to further develop those standards to leverage the strengths of open source development." John Pincomb, Vice President, Marketing, Computer Associates.

The Distributed Management Task Force

"The WBEMsource initiative brings additional opportunities to promote WBEM implementations and enhance the future interoperability of management technology. The DMTF is committed to working with the industry to promote the collaboration of projects that enable distributed management." Winston Bumpus, President, DMTF.


"Evidian welcomes the WBEMsource initiative and looks forward to contributing to the development efforts of this new group. We already have demonstrated interoperability between WBEM and OpenMaster, our e-infrastructure management product, and are actively involved in the open source movement, as demonstrated by the popularity of the JOnAS application server, our implementation of EJB specifications. We have long supported opportunities such as these to share expertise within the broad software community to help define industry standards that benefit us all." Philippe Pradat, Evidian's VP of product engineering and marketing.


"We have been seeking a model for defining the ideal end user experience. The Business Scenario Methodology will prove to be a useful part of that model. This methodology will allow us to clearly characterize an ideal user experience from an IT perspective and help us translate our vision into reality."  Chris Apple, Director, Identity Management Services, GlaxoSmithKline

Hewlett-Packard, Inc.

"End-to-end Quality of Service to ensure optimal end-user online experiences is a necessity to be successful in e-business today. HP's focus on the total customer experience, backed by Openview  software products and services, is completely aligned with the Open Group's QoS taskforce and the collaborative benefits it will bring to both e-businesses and end users." Patty Azzarello, Vice President and General Manager, HP Openview.


"The WBEMsource initiative is another example of HP's commistandards. An always-on internet infrastructure will benefit from the WBEMsource initiative by addressing the growing demands for tightly integrated management applications. HP is excited to implement the WBEM standard to bring to our customers not only improved interoperability and portability of management applications in a heterogeneous IT environment, but also the cost benefit through significantly increased operational efficiency." Nick van der Zweep, Director of Marketing, Always-On Infrastructure Solutions Division, Hewlett-Packard.

IBM Corporation

"IBM has been very enthusiastic about any initiatives that increase the viability of open platforms. This approach to standards for management technologies will help drive innovation to integrate data and services throughout the enterprise." Dr. Daniel Frye, Director, IBM Linux Technology Center.


"MEGAXESS provides solutions that support end users with a faster, reliable information transport with a differentiated services or QoS assurance for multi-service applications. It is important for MEGAXESS to define solutions that encompass these ingredients in an integrated fashion, as part of end-to-end Quality of Service assurance to applications." Dhadesugoor R. Vaman, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO of MEGAXESS

The MITRE Corporation

“QoS capability is important for mission-critical information systems.  The Open Group QoS Task Force will provide the needed synergy to integrate the considerable QoS technology that has already been developed.  It provides a useful forum for technology providers and users to define workable QoS solutions.” Paul Denning, Lead Systems Engineer, The MITRE Corporation.

NeTraverse, Inc.

“NeTraverse is proud to be a charter member of the Quality of Service Task Force
in The Open Group. This initiative is critical to the strategic objectives of NeTraverse in pursuing leadership in the delivery and market development of Virtual Desktop Computing. Enterprises must rely on a standard mature process in the industry
to enable the infrastructure necessary for this new era of enterprise computing.”  Mark Warring, Chief Architect, NeTraverse


"NetReality was founded with one purpose: assuring quality of service and guaranteed delivery times for business-critical applications traversing the network," says Kit Waugh, VP of Marketing and Business Development of NetReality, premier provider of application switching technology. "We call this Network Service Assurance. Through The Open Group, by working together to ensure interoperability, the customer is assured that their growing QoS needs will be met with the best technological solutions: enterprise-class products and carrier-delivered services."

Predictive Systems AG

“Quality of Service is the major concern for the commercial Internet in the years to come, especially in combination with Mobility. Both are core practice areas of Predictive Systems AG - Deutschland. We are looking forward to participating in the productive and synergetic environment of The Open Group.” Matthias Kraner, Predictive Systems. “

Quarry Technologies

"Quarry Technologies' mission is to give service providers the platform and essential tools they need to deliver high-quality, secure and predictable IP services over the Internet or any shared IP network, while enabling them to manage their SLAs.  The Open Group's QoS taskforce will be an excellent forum to address key issues in this exciting arena." Richard Forberg, Vice President of Product Management for Quarry Technologies

Sitara Networks

"Quality of Service (QoS) has become a must have technology to run today’s operations and e-Business applications. Companies who are not utilizing QoS today are giving away a competitive advantage. This is why Sitara Networks is proud to be a Founding Member of The Open Group's QoS task force." says Mark Strangio, Vice President of Business Development at Sitara Networks.

System/Technology Development Corporation (S/TDC)

“Increasingly, both commercial and military systems are going to depend on multiple, shared, communications and distributed computing services to support the end to end Quality of Service (QoS) required by their mission critical applications. To provide the end-to-end performance and dependability that those applications require, evolving QoS architectures will have to develop effective means for specifying, monitoring and controlling every critical link in those service chains." Dr. Arthur S. Robinson, President, System/Technology Development Corporation (S/TDC)


"As the Internet and e-commerce become more important, quality of service and innovative features will be the distinguishing factors in customer interest and loyalty.  Teknowledge's work in leading edge QoS technologies give it the experience base needed to provide forward looking solutions to the Open Group's QoS Task Force and our customers." Lou Coker, Project Leader, Teknowledge.


"If The Open Group did not already exist it would have to be created"

The Open Group

"The Open Group is pleased to host the WBEMsource initiative. We are committed to using WBEM and CIM with our open source Pegasus project (www.opengroup.org/pegasus). The Open Group's core skill - building certification programs - will maximise interoperability among all implementations, a major contribution to achieving widespread acceptance of the WBEM standards. By promoting an open source approach, we believe that the time to deployment will be dramatically reduced and the risks associated with integrating new technology lowered." Allen Brown, President & CEO, The Open Group.

The Storage Networking Industry Association

"The SNIA is committed to the development and promotion of the Common Information Model (CIM) as the future of enterprise management. The WBEMsource initiative represents a key factor leading to the adoption of CIM. The SNIA CIMOM has been available since 1999 for download and use under an Open Source license. Participating in the WBEMsource initiative is part of the SNIA mission to increase management capability, interoperability, and adoption of storage networks." Larry Krantz, Chairman of the SNIA Board of Directors.

Sun Microsystems

"A major issue facing information technology staff is the increasing cost of managing across a network--consisting of hardware, software, and storage from multiple vendors. The WBEMsource initiative will provide a basis for sharing management information between managed elements, between different vendors, and across the network. In order to facilitate sharing management information and help our customers drive down the cost of managing the network, Sun has developed Solaris WBEM Services software as a core technology of the Solaris 8 Operating Environment and will make a Java source implementation available, to the open source community, for widespread industry adoption." Andy Ingram, vice president of marketing for Solaris Products, Sun Microsystems, Inc.


"The W3C proposal is backed by some of the largest technology makers in the industry. The working group that developed the proposal includes a who's who of technology: Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Philips, Apple, AT&T, IBM, ILOG, Nortel Networks, The Open Group, Reuters and Sun Microsystems…" 2 October 2001

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